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What are your fees?

One flat fee: $4.95 a month. That’s it! To see more about what’s included, checkout this list below.

Feature Pricing
Digital banking tools (mobile and web); view transaction history and balance anytime, anywhere Included
Savings Jars Included (open up to three)
$0 opening and minimum balance Included
No overdraft (spend only what you have!) Included (no need to opt in)
Direct deposit Included (we'll walk you through the easy process)
ATMs to withdraw cash Included for the MoneyPass ATM network. Out-of-network ATMs may charge an additional fee; check with provider.
Mastercard® debit card Included
Replacement card $10 each card
Person to person transfers (U.S.) Included; up to $4,000 in transfers per day; 8 external transfers per month; unlimited transfers to other BrightFi customers

The demand for our new product has been tremendous. To help onboard our new customers we have temporarily paused new applications. We can't wait to welcome you to BrightFi so please check back in the future when we hope to reopen applications.