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Is there a limit on how much money I can deposit, withdraw and send?

Yes, there are a few limits to keep in mind. Federal regulations require transaction limits to protect you against fraud. Here is the full list of our limits:

Transaction Limit
Direct deposits or ACH Transfers Maximum of $5,000 for any single deposit or transfer
Maximum of $5,000 per day
Mobile deposits Maximum of $10,000 in checks per month (on a 30-day rolling basis)
Maximum of $5,000 for any deposit
Maximum of $5,000 per day
Maximum of 3 mobile check deposits in a single day
Card Purchases (including cash back at point of sale) Maximum 20 transactions per day
Maximum $3,000 per transaction
Maximum $5,000 per day
Person to Person Transfers in the U.S. Up to $4,000 per day
Up to 8 transfers per month to non-BrightFi account holders
Unlimited number of transfers per month to BrightFi account holders
Cash Withdrawal (ATM) Maximum 5 per day
Maximum $500 per withdrawal
Maximum $2,500 per day
Maximum $5,000 per month (on 30 day rolling basis)
The demand for our new product has been tremendous. To help onboard our new customers we have temporarily paused new applications. We can't wait to welcome you to BrightFi so please check back in the future when we hope to reopen applications.