Truth in Savings Disclosure

Last updated: February, 2022

This disclosure constitutes your Truth In Savings Disclosure for your BrightFi demand deposit account provided to you by Webster Bank N.A. (“we” or “us”) and contains the terms and conditions governing that account. You have entered into a Deposit Account Agreement, and your account is subject to that agreement.


Your account is a non-interest bearing account.


There is no minimum balance required to open an account.

There is no minimum balance required to avoid the imposition of a fee.

No matter what your balance is, you will be charged $4.95 per month to maintain your account. If you cannot pay a monthly fee because there is less than $4.95 in your account. Your account balance will go negative, and we will continue to charge $4.95 a month, which will take the balance further negative. Transactions will be denied until you deposit enough funds to bring the account positive again. The monthly fee will continue to be charged until the account is closed.  


Monthly Fee: You will be charged a monthly fee in the amount of $4.95 to maintain your BrightFi account.  

Card Replacement Fee: You will be charged $10.00 if your card is lost or stolen, or damaged and you need to replace it.  

Webster Bank N.A. will not charge you any other fees. However, it is possible that an out-of-network ATM operator will charge you fees if you use an ATM that is not part of the Moneypass network. Some merchants may also charge fees for point-of-sale transactions or cash withdrawals. Mastercard may also charge fees associated with purchases made in a foreign currency.  


Transactions into and from your account are subject to limits set forth below:

Transaction type
Frequency and/or dollar limits
Direct Deposits or ACH Transfers initiated from outside financial institution or third-party money transfer service
Mobile Deposits
ATM Withdrawals
Card Purchases (including cash back at POS)
ACH Payments
No limit
Person to person transfers


As stated in the Electronic Communications Agreement, you have consented to receive electronic statements for your account. If you withdraw your consent to receive electronic statements (or any other electronic communications), your account will be closed. You can access your statement in the BrightFi mobile app or by accessing your account online at


Webster Bank N.A. reserves the right to terminate your account at any time. If your account is terminated, any proceeds in your account will be returned to you by us by check made payable to the account holder and sent to the address we have on file for your account, or by any other method available to us.  

BrightFi is currently pausing new account openings. If you have any questions, please reach out to the MyBrightFi customer support team by calling 1-888-627-5407.