BrightFi Funds Availability Policy

Last updated: February, 2022

Determining the Availability of a Deposit

The number of days for your deposit to become available is counted in business days from the day of your deposit. Our business days are Monday through Friday, excluding bank holidays. Deposits made after 2 p.m. MST on a business day, or on a Saturday, Sunday, or bank holiday, are considered received on the next business day.

The length of the delay for funds after the day of deposit varies depending on the type of deposit, as explained in the “Funds Availability Chart” on the next page.

Same Day Availability

Funds from electronic deposits to your account, including direct deposits, ACH transfers and wire transfers received, will be available on the day we receive the deposit

Funds Availability for All Checks Deposited by Mobile Deposit

You can deposit a check to your BrightFi account using our in-app mobile deposit feature. When you do, it is our policy to make funds available to you no later than the fifth business day after the banking day on which the funds are deposited. However, we apply this policy at our discretion, subject to our risk-based monitoring of your account.

Funds you deposit by check may also be delayed for longer periods under the following circumstances:  

We will notify you if we delay your ability to withdraw funds beyond five business days for any of these reasons.

It is BrightFi’s practice, based on the policy of its sponsor bank Webster Bank, N.A., to delay the availability of funds that you deposit into your account. During the delay, you may not withdraw funds in cash and we will not use the funds to issue payments. The length of delay varies depending on the type of deposit, as explained below:

Type of Deposit
Day of Deposit
Fifth Business Day after Day of Deposit
Electronic Deposits including Direct Deposits and Electronic Transfers
Entire deposit amount available  
Check deposited via mobile deposit
Entire deposit amount available  
BrightFi is currently pausing new account openings. If you have any questions, please reach out to the MyBrightFi customer support team by calling 1-888-627-5407.