Partner with BrightFi

BrightFi partnerships are flexible, easy to implement, and help shed light on customer and member behaviors.

Here's how it works:
Sales & Partnership

A retail partner decides to offer the BrightFi product to their customers and/or employees.

Launch & Implementation

BrightFi provides training so staff can correctly market and onboard customers.

Ongoing Monitoring

As customers and/or employees sign-on, retail partners gain deeper understanding by tracking progress on key metrics in a customized dashboard.


Managing customer relationships is easier than ever

BrightFi keeps you in the loop with customers long after launch day.

Easy to navigate dashboards empower your teams to do more at a lower price point - without a lengthy and difficult integration.


Review customer behavior, spending, and marketing engagement in real time at an aggregated level

Discern interests, habits and thoughts about your brand from a single dashboard.

Data Security

Keeping sensitive data safe is critical. That's why authorization profile, personal data and transaction level data are kept physically separated.

All systems storing data are compliant with financial industry standard audits (SOC 1/2, ISO27001) and penetration tests.


Tailor your products to meet customer needs

BrightFi lets you easily customize your digital products, features, and limits.

Work with our implementation managers to pick the right mix of features for your strategy and deploy them to your community.

We believe in flexibility. With BrightFi, you can adjust product configurations mid-partnership at no additional cost.


Leverage your brand equity or test a new one.

BrightFi offers branded and white-label solutions. Our front end is flexible and configurable. Launch a new digital product within BrightFi's brand or easily configure your own digital brand.

See how BrightFi can make a difference in your strategy.

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