Empower your employees, customers, or members.

Deliver secure, affordable, and reliable digital banking tools directly to those who need them most.

BrightFi was created to bring customers an easier and cheaper way to manage all their money in one place.

Increase Productivity

Keep your workforce and members engaged by helping them focus on their jobs, not their finances.

Grow Employee Retention

Offer benefits that go beyond your competitors' and make a difference.

Reduce Financial Stress With Relevant, Timely Tools

Empower your employees to face their finances head on.

Why BrightFi is different
Easy Sign-up
Customers sign-on in minutes, and can fund accounts/transactions immediately.
Whole Team
All customers/employees eligible, including ITIN holders.
Instant Access
Our direct deposit feature is built for someone transitioning from check cashing and prepaid/payroll cards and offers easy, instant access to funds.
Save for a Goal
One-stop shopping for all transactional needs means your customers/ employees spend less time managing financial services headaches and fees.

The right partnership structure for you:

Each of these options can be white labeled or delivered through the BrightFi brand.

BrightFi provides marketing materials on site or alongside partner materials.
BrightFi Led
BrightFi communicates directly with partner's clients/staff/customers.
BrightFi provides tailored marketing materials and training; partner introduces BrightFi to members or customers and if they want to sign up, we'll take it from there.
Deeply Embedded
BrightFi fully integrates into partner operations. We provide data dashboards to monitor KPIs for partner needs.
Our Case Studies

Interested in learning more? Take a look at a few use cases for implementing BrightFi in your organization.

Ready to see what BrightFi can do for you?

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