At BrightFi, it's not banking as usual.

We believe banking can and should be better.

Our Story

Built into its DNA, banking is an exclusive club. Even if you could get in, it was hard to stay in. It felt like there were tricks at every turn waiting to trip you up. So people began looking for different ways to manage their money.

That’s where MyBrightFi comes in. MyBrightFi is banking for your life.

You work hard and you should be able to use your hard-earned money for what matters to you and your family, small to big, little to large. Like holiday gifts, or your next vacation, or your kids’ first year at college. There shouldn’t be surprise fees or extra costs to use your own money either.

BrightFi is a financial technology company with a mobile banking app that offers almost everything you’d get at a traditional bank at a lower cost with absolutely no hidden fees. Our banking services are provided by Webster Bank N.A.; Member FDIC.

Above all, MyBrightFi helps you take back control of your finances, keep more of your hard-earned money, and begin working toward your goals. This is your piece of the pie.

Our Purpose

We started this company because the statistics around who does and doesn’t have a bank account in this country are startling: Not just that 32 million households are either not using banks, or are using banks alongside other costly services like check cashers and prepaid cards – but that the  people who are “unbanked” or “underbanked” are disproportionately Black, Latino, Native American, and Asian-Pacific Islander.

In fact, in 200 counties – all around the country – more than two-thirds of the people of color are un-or under-banked. When using these alternative financial services, people can spend upwards of $1,000 a year in fees – a figure that makes us angry, especially when compared with the number of people struggling to make ends meet month to month, much less save a little nest egg.

Further research told us that even when these communities are banked, they are paying more for basic banking services. Understanding the story behind these numbers and how technology can be used to address these issues has spurred us to action and guided us from our beginning.

a better way of banking

It’s your money, when you need it, without the surprise fees.

Say goodbye to check cashing fees and waiting in line. No minimum balances, overdrafts, or hidden fees. No credit check or ChexSystems verification required.


Helping more people bank digitally

We work with community organizations, employers and retailers to put affordable digital banking solutions in their members' hands.

Take back control of your hard-earned money.

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