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Beginning on September 28th 2021, BrightFi will pause new account signups during our sponsor bank change.
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your money when you need it
The shortcut between you and your financial goals.

Making ends meet every month can be stressful. Traditional ways of banking cost time and are full of extra fees. BrightFi replaces expensive check cashers and other money services.

You Just Got Paid!

Simplify and speed up your payment process. By signing up for direct deposit in the BrightFi app you can get your whole paycheck in you account.


BrightFi App

Got 4 minutes? Great, because that's all you need to open up your account. Get access to digital banking tools, an easy way to deposit cash and checks, and start a Savings Jar for future purchases quickly and easily.

A Little Extra...

Get more in your pocket each month by avoiding painful hidden fees.

banking for real life
Why switch to BrightFi?
Direct Deposit
Deposit your paychecks through your employer and access your cash in minutes.
Chat with a Human
You'll always chat with a live human. No robots here.
Save for a Goal
Your account gives you access to custom Savings Jars so you can save for future goals
no more waiting

Payday is your day.

Boss gave you a paper check? Sign up for direct deposit and have your money sent directly to your account instead.

control in the palm of your hands

The tools you need to get ahead.

With your subscription, BrightFi gives you real-time access to your balance and transaction history so you always know where you stand. Fraud alerts keep you safe. Plus, we'll never let you overdraft, so you can't spend money you don't have.

no more splitting the check

Send money

Paying your share of the check? Sending your niece some birthday cash? No problem. With your subscription, you can send money anywhere in the U.S. for free directly from our mobile app.

start an emergency fund

Save money

Want to put some money away? Open a Savings Jar (you can have up to 3 at a time), give it a nickname, and start transferring funds right away. Those funds will be separate from your spending and ready for you when you decide you need them.

we Have your back

We’re humans, not robots.

Sometimes you need to talk to a real person to solve a problem. Talk to a teller or explore helpful information in our Virtual Branch. We're here to help!

Security You can Trust

Manage your card from your app.

Feel secure knowing that if your card is lost or stolen, you can just open the app and quickly lock it so no one else can start using it. Forget your PIN? You can always see it here as well for convenient and easy access.

Try the digital banking app for your life today.

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